Saturday, 28 January 2017

4 Excuses Poor People Give

Excuses have power but many people think it’s a part of life. Excuses have denied people of so many things they should have achieved. Sometimes if we fail to achieve something, we begin to blame people, or there is no money.

Excuses have made people live a mediocre life, have a negative mentality and make us believe that our big dreams are impossible to achieve.

It was very hard to believe that almost 30% of the population of Nigeria were poor and 60% average. This can be narrowed down to the excuses that have stopped them from moving forward. If you are reading this article and you discovered you are among the victims of excuses, then be well assured that you will end up blaming others for your failure in life.

However, I scrutinized the lives of poor people and discovered many excuses that have made them remain poor or live an average life. However, in this article, I will marshal out 4 excuses poor people give.

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“I came from a poor background”. That’s one of the stupid excuses I hate to hear. Many poor people blame their parents for being poor. Some that are spiritually unintelligent will blame witchcrafts that operate in their father’s house. But the truth is no human being is behind your poverty.

You may be born into a poor family but that shouldn’t make you become poor. Many rich men like Dangote, Bill Gates and others didn’t allow their poor background to stop them from moving forward. If these rich men can make it, you too can make it if only you will forget about your poor background and strive to achieve your dreams.


Unable to complete your education can never stop you from becoming successful but the only thing that will hinder you is when you stop learning. People like Dangote and Bill Gates didn’t finish their education but they never stopped learning. Dropping out of school shouldn’t be the end of your world. Those who dropped out and became successful are really people who learned something in school.

The only way you can achieve all your dreams is to keep learning every day. That’s one of the keys to a successful life.

Some poor people will tell you they couldn’t start up a business because there was no money.

But who said money is a prerequisite for starting up a business?

Actually, money is not the most important factor for starting a business in this 21st century. Many businesses today can be started from the comfort of your home without spending a dime. Money is just the secondary need, but the primary and most important is your passion, commitment and your ability to embrace new business ideas.


“But, must you be connected to the richest man on earth for you to be successful?” Absolutely not.

There are so many successful and self-made billionaires and billionaire who rose from rags to riches. They struggled to make their own money without being connected to rich people.

If you are out there still waiting to meet rich people to start making money, then you are wasting your time. Start now to think of what you can do to make money. There are many businesses you can start today, choose the best you can do.

Bottom Line
Poor people are people who simply don’t take actions when they conceive a dream. They are people who have allowed procrastination and laziness to ruin their lives. And when they fail to achieve something, they start giving excuses.

The only way to escape this tragedy is to do what successful people do. Write your dreams, create a plan of action, and kick off your plan. Be committed and connect with people with like minds that will help you achieve your dreams.
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Monday, 16 January 2017

These 8 things will make you poor in 2017 [Infographic]

Can everybody be rich? The answer is YES. Can everybody be poor? The answer is NO? Everybody cannot be poor, but few people just chose to be poor by doing things poor people do. So many people aspire to get ahead in their business and life in 2017. But the truth is, some people will end up remaining the same place they were in 2016.

However, in this post, am going to show you 5 things that will make you poor in 2017



       1.            Creating No Goal For 2017

I wonder how people will pick up their traveling bags, go to the airport and tell the pilot to take them anywhere. That is life without a vision. And guess what? A person who has no goal for himself cannot take control of his life. He wakes up in the morning and accepts the day as it is. He allows people to steal away his time by helping them achieve their goals instead of his.

“A life without a goal is a wasted life”

And if you keep allowing your life to go that way, much time is consumed and nothing is achieved and one day you will wake up and discover that you are 70 years old.
Being Silent on Your Goals

Those who didn’t create any goal for 2017 are equal to those who created but are silent on their goals. There’s nothing difference since they will still land at the same destination – Confusion and Poverty.

Successful people set goals for themselves and set out plans to achieve their goals. If you want to be rich or make passive income in 2017, set goals and make sure you get them done.

        2.            When You Don’t Believe In Yourself

One of the differences between the rich and the poor is the “Believe Principle”. Whatever you believe about yourself is definitely what you will become. Successful people are optimistic in every situation no matter how tough it maybe. Poor people are simply people who have never believed in themselves. If you don’t believe you can achieve more things in 2017, then you can’t make headway.

If you want to be optimistic and achieve your goals in 2017, you must learn how to use your mouth and create your world. Confess positively every moment of your life. Any time you wake up in the morning, make positive statements like:

“I believe something new is going to happen to me today”.

 “I believe I will make any amount of money I want”.

Say that often, accompanied by your hard work and you see them accomplished in your life.

        3 .          When You Become Allergic to learning

If you want to be poor in 2017, be allergic to learning. Every successful man is a good learner.

Most people hate to pay just to learn new things that will add value to their lives. And guess what? They never move forward in their business and life. They still operate in obsolete business ideas that never amount to anything.

If you want to make much money in 2017, you must be willing to buy books and eBooks, pay for seminars, webinars, and podcasts that will improve your life and business. The more knowledge you gain is the more income you will earn.

       4.            When you Follow Poor People

I have come to discover that our acceleration or retardation in life is controlled by our association. That’s a simple truth. Rich people associate Rich people with productive minds. Poor people follow poor people. And that’s why it is said that:

“Birds of the same feather flocks together”

When those people around can’t improve your life, they will simply destroy and render you useless to your generation.

If you really want to make 2017 your best year ever, you must have to delete your friends and find people that can help you grow.

       5.            When You Think Money Is Evil

When you begin to think that money is evil and shouldn’t be worked for, you will remain poor throughout the rest of your life. I know many people will argue that or even show you the bible passage. The truth is, the Bible never said money is evil but rather said “the love of money is evil” which simply means that if you love money more than your relationship with God, then you are committing evil.

         6.          When You Have No Business Or Job

No matter how hard you pray and fast to make your 2017 the best year, and you have no job or business to get out of recession, you will definitely become poor.

One of the proven strategies to escape poverty is to find something doing. Get a job or create a profitable business of your choice and start making money.

         7.         When You Spend More Money Than You Earn

Rich people will simply invest or save 90% of their income and spend the remaining 10%. But poor people are the other way round. They will simply spend 90% of their income and invest or save the rest.
When you begin to create more liabilities for yourself rather than assets, then you belong to the “rat race”.

To escape poverty in 2017, you must learn how to save and invest your money in assets rather than liabilities.

          8.         When You Refuse To Invest

When you don’t want to invest into your business or something profitable, then you decide to remain in the low echelons of life.

Rich people believe that investing is a business strategy to gain more passive income and also a lifestyle. Poor people believe that investing is risky. Well, if you cannot pass through risky moments in business then you are not a good businessman and not ready to make money.

The easiest way to make more money out of anything is investing.

To learn more about investing, get the book “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing” authored by Robert Kiyosaki.

Bottom Line

You are in charge of what will happen to your life in 2017. I have seen many people who fell back to square one just because they refuse to understand these principles. In order words, if you want to achieve more things, make more money and dominate your industry, you must be able to avoid these things in your life.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

5 Ways to Achieve More In 2017

By Wilfred Michael (Innovative Future)

We are heading straight into the final hours of the elapsing 2016 which like every other year had its high and low points. Achieved projects, canceled appointments, successful examination, enjoyable trip and other activities have kept you occupied throughout the year and at this time of the year, it would be most probably wise to reflect on what you have achieved or failed to achieve within the year. 

Whether the year has given you a lot of positive or more of negative thoughts, we discuss in this article 5 easy and practical steps that will help you achieve your goals and dreams during the next 365 days trip – 2017.

As much as you are itching to go through this, you will derive more if you can follow through. 


   1.           Review The Past Year (2016)

What occasions made you feel happy or sad this year? Did you affect someone's life positively? Are there goals that you set and achieved in 2016? If yes (as I assume) then use them as a confidence boost heading into the New Year. The things you achieved are evidence of how efficient you can be and has been this year. They should be stepping stones towards anything worthwhile you wish to achieve in 2017.

   2.          Set Your Goals For The Coming Year (2017)

There's a saying that a person who fails to plan, plans to fail. It would, therefore, be wise to set realistic goals that you hope to achieve this coming year. It could be improving your grades, getting promoted at work, improving your relationship with others or any other achievement that would be an improvement to what you already have. Do not set unrealistic goals such as making $1M next year when your current income is $20 per month.
Write down your goals on a mobile book so you can read through it from time to time.

    3.           Strategize

For each goal you set, map out a strategy. A strategy is a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. A strategy keeps you on track to achieve your goals within the next year. 

To illustrate, an individual whose goal for the coming year is to gain promotion at work could adopt strategies such as punctuality, diligence, maintaining a good relationship with his boss and co-workers. We note that by applying these strategies, the goal of gaining promotion can be realized. 

If you had been struggling with a goal this year, it would be great if you tried new strategies during 2017.

    4.       Resolve To Follow Through

A determination is a key to success and the best form of it comes from you. Resolve to do anything humanly possible to reach your stipulated goals. You won't realize how close you were to achieving your goal if you give up at the halfway point. Also keep in mind that some goals require endurance and perseverance before they can be actualized. 

It would be a plus if you have a friend that share some or most of your goals. You could both work as a team and offer encouragement to one another when it seems things are not working out the way you wish. 


     5.           Keep Track Of Your Goals

Review your goal book from time to time and tick off any of the goals you achieve within the year. Review the strategies you used and implement them with those goals you are still working on if applicable. Take time to congratulate yourself on any of the goals you achieve as it will give you an extra boost of confidence.

Now that you know these nuggets, it would be wise for you to try them out. The benefits will be truly worth the effort.

Now Your Turn

Need any help on how to achieve your goals? Do you need a coach or mentor by your side? Or do you have a success story on how you achieved your dreams? Feel free do drop your comments.
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Thursday, 20 October 2016

10 Examination Ethics You Must Have To Pass Exams

One of the most indispensable ways to pass your examinations is by portraying exam ethics. Yes! Exams have ethics. Examination Ethics are those distinctive qualities one need to portray in order to pass an examination. They are moral principles that influence an exam. This Exam Ethics are very crucial for bookworms who have the ambition of passing their exams.

I have seen so many students that have taken a particular examination and still not passing. Some have taken exams up to 5 times and still they fail and they think it’s the will of God. So many people have stayed up to 8 years at home just because they want to be admitted to a particular university.

For you to fail an exam means you lack some exam ethics. When you have these exam ethics, you won’t sit for an exam two times. These Examination Ethics are marshaled below.


The first exam ethic you should develop is enthusiasm. Nothing brings joy than being enthusiastic before the exam begins. Your enthusiasm refreshes your mind and gives you insight on how to become a successful exam candidate. As a matter of fact, before the exam starts, see yourself as a person that has already the exam. Your passion draws you nearer to your outcome.


Above all, studiousness does 90% of the job. It’s the most important exam ethic you must have. It’s so appalling when students now depend on exam malpractice to pass their exams.  But a studious student is well assured of what he/she is doing. When you read hard, it makes it easier to pass exams. Before  taking an exam, make sure you have read all the necessary topics. Magic or miracle will never happen in the exam hall if you don’t study.


Reading the introduction is the first thing you should do when given a question paper. Many students fail as a result of neglecting the instructions. I was a victim of this. I disobeyed the instructions and I faced the consequences by losing vital marks. Candidates should be able to adhere to the number of questions to answer and how to answer them.


The only key that can guide you to answer questions perfectly is to understand questions first. This can help you hit the nail on the head and not to write out of points. Whenever you want to answer a particular question, look at the marks allotted to it and know what you are expected to do. In case there is no mark attached to it, the quality of the question determines how small or high mark it carries. Also, look at the introductory word to know how to answer a question. Popular introductory words are:

- Briefly Explain/Discuss/Describe
- Write Short note on
- List
- List and Explain
- Illustrate
- With a well labeled diagram
- State/Outline/Highlight etc.
These words determine the scope of the question you desire to answer.


Don’t think that you have the whole time in the hall. Each question is allotted an appropriate time like WAEC, NECO, and IELTS etc. The time allotted is always enough to answer a question unless you’re a slow writer. It’s very important to learn how to write as fast as possible in order to beat the time so that you won’t tell stories that touch the heart. Beware; Time is a very important asset, but a friend to nobody.


The worst thing that can happen to an exam candidate is thinking that magic or miracle will happen. Learn to be on your own. Don’t depend on anybody or exam malpractice to help you.


This is very important. How sure are you that you will receive the best answer when you ask questions in the exam hall? Be careful so as to avoid writing wrong answers which can make you lose valuable marks. In this situation, you must you must learn to focus on your paper. You must not answer all the questions.


You have to make yourself comfortable at the exam hall by being at the right exam posture. Your neck should not be too bent to avoid pain.


Sometimes we may forget something that we know as a result of too much cramming or fear. To remember what you know but forgot, apply your thinking ability. For me, I close my eyes or look upwards so as to avoid distraction and then think. When you do this, within a short period of time, you will remember what you forgot. But don’t spend your whole time thinking. If you can’t recall or remember, it’s better you move to the next question.


Being confident when writing an exam is a very important exam ethic. Your confidence gives you morale and eradicates all fear.

There are two major things that will make you fail an exam

  •          If you think that you cannot succeed
  •          If you don’t study hard enough
If you cannot learn from your mistakes, you will never thrive.


I just shared with you secrets that will take you to the next level. What challenges are you facing right now in your exams? Do you want to share your exam success story so that others will be encouraged? Feel free to drop your comments below and enlighten others. If you have a question, also drop it at the comment section – the whole world will answer your question.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

6 ways to become a Boookworm

How many thousand books have you read this year? It’s a funny question but possible. I always tell people ‘bookworms are liable to succeed. Bookworms are people who loves reading and studying their books. Bookworms are “Book Parasites’. They never spend a day without spending time with their book. 

God endowed in us great potentialities that we can never imagine. And this is a major criterion for success-minded people. I believe that all things we ever need to succeed are encapsulated in the books we read. The reason why you will continue to be an intellectual mediocre is abstinence in studiousness. And the bible said “Education is your life” (proverb 4:13). Education is not just going to school, it’s all about studiousness. The more you study, the more you gain the knowledge to solve problems.

Neuroscientists confirmed that there are millions of neurons present in every human being. Have you seen how God endowed in us the ability to create change? Each neuron can be able to change the world depending on the amount of information in it. However, the following are 6 ways to become a bookworm.


It’s a malady that most students don’t have reading time table for themselves. This is why many students fail exams and get poor grades. If you want to be successful, you have to create a reading time table for yourself. Study at least 2 hours daily. Make sure you strictly keep to your time table. Plan it in such a way that it won’t affect your work and daily schedules.


When you begin to read a lot of books, you will encounter unfamiliar words. Make sure you have a dictionary at your disposal so that you can look up for the difficult words. Also learn to write them down. It helps to improve your diction and make you a better speaker.


When you relate with the right people, you will always do the right things. Make friends with people that are bookworms. When you walk with bookworms, you will be influenced by their reading culture.


When you talk less and listen more, the more you build your intellectuality. Don’t miss your lectures/classes. This is very important because explanations and instances teachers give can help you to develop.


Form a habit of carrying books anywhere you go to. Be it on vacation, church, etc. Utilize every opportunity to read books.


Reading at the library is actually the best reading environment. In order words it gives you the opportunity to read a whole lot of books and carry out researches. Find a library around you and register if it’s not free.


Being a bookworm is not going to be easy for you. It requires your time and money. If only you can invest your money in books and be able to create time and study them, you can become your dreams.


I just shared with you how you can become a bookworm and make a change in your world. How have you improved? Share and inspire others.
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