Friday, 12 February 2016

REVEALED: How to realize your dreams


Of all the people in the world who have one dream or the other, only few actualize their dreams. This is because there are some steps you ought to follow to see your dreams come true which they don't follow.

If some people that are not up and doing could realize their dreams and get a good interpretation about that dream, they will never be at the same level with others, that's why dreams without interpretation leads to no manifestation and dreams without manifestation is equal to frustration. Before you talk of actualizing your dream;

1. You must not stay idle; you must involve in something that will increase your personal income.

2. You must be a giver; givers never lack because the same measure you give to people will be given to you double.

3. You  must invest; Investing in something is profitable.

4. You must locate your purpose; It is necessary because your purpose directs you on the area you focus on.

Now, like earlier stated, there are step by step procedures you must follow to actualize your dreams, which are marshaled below.

Any dream you can't write you can't define. These must be written by the inspiration of God. Any dream written by God's inspiration is God's dream for your life. In the actualization of your dreams, you must put God's interest. When God's interest is represented in your dream, He manifests. For instance, if you tell God ‘‘ I want to pay a tithe of 12 million dollars", you are simply telling God that you are in need of 120 million dollars.

There is a doing dimension that makes your dream  happen. Device a plan to make your dreams manifest. A plan is a step by step approach of accomplishing your dreams. If you want to change your reproach you must first change your approach.

Accomplishing your dreams begins with what you already have presently. You don't wait for miracles to happen for you to accomplish your dreams.

A lady was desperate to accomplish her dreams. But she said her problem was finance and capital to start up the business. But looking at it, she had a jewelry worth of $17, two deep freezer and many other valuables. She received an interpretation of her dreams and she converted all those valuables into money. She has gotten enough capital and presently, she is now an entrepreneur.

Finally your talents are also your resources. When you showcase it and people likes it, you will get connection and through that you will get passive income. Be action oriented to your dreams. Don't only visualize it or be lazy over it. Bear it in your mind that ‘‘ purposeful minds are productive minds". Follow these and see your dreams come true.

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