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10 Examination Ethics You Must Have To Pass Exams

One of the most indispensable ways to pass your examinations is by portraying exam ethics. Yes! Exams have ethics. Examination Ethics are those distinctive qualities one need to portray in order to pass an examination. They are moral principles that influence an exam. This Exam Ethics are very crucial for bookworms who have the ambition of passing their exams.

I have seen so many students that have taken a particular examination and still not passing. Some have taken exams up to 5 times and still they fail and they think it’s the will of God. So many people have stayed up to 8 years at home just because they want to be admitted to a particular university.

For you to fail an exam means you lack some exam ethics. When you have these exam ethics, you won’t sit for an exam two times. These Examination Ethics are marshaled below.


The first exam ethic you should develop is enthusiasm. Nothing brings joy than being enthusiastic before the exam begins. Your enthusiasm refreshes your mind and gives you insight on how to become a successful exam candidate. As a matter of fact, before the exam starts, see yourself as a person that has already the exam. Your passion draws you nearer to your outcome.


Above all, studiousness does 90% of the job. It’s the most important exam ethic you must have. It’s so appalling when students now depend on exam malpractice to pass their exams.  But a studious student is well assured of what he/she is doing. When you read hard, it makes it easier to pass exams. Before  taking an exam, make sure you have read all the necessary topics. Magic or miracle will never happen in the exam hall if you don’t study.


Reading the introduction is the first thing you should do when given a question paper. Many students fail as a result of neglecting the instructions. I was a victim of this. I disobeyed the instructions and I faced the consequences by losing vital marks. Candidates should be able to adhere to the number of questions to answer and how to answer them.


The only key that can guide you to answer questions perfectly is to understand questions first. This can help you hit the nail on the head and not to write out of points. Whenever you want to answer a particular question, look at the marks allotted to it and know what you are expected to do. In case there is no mark attached to it, the quality of the question determines how small or high mark it carries. Also, look at the introductory word to know how to answer a question. Popular introductory words are:

- Briefly Explain/Discuss/Describe
- Write Short note on
- List
- List and Explain
- Illustrate
- With a well labeled diagram
- State/Outline/Highlight etc.
These words determine the scope of the question you desire to answer.


Don’t think that you have the whole time in the hall. Each question is allotted an appropriate time like WAEC, NECO, and IELTS etc. The time allotted is always enough to answer a question unless you’re a slow writer. It’s very important to learn how to write as fast as possible in order to beat the time so that you won’t tell stories that touch the heart. Beware; Time is a very important asset, but a friend to nobody.


The worst thing that can happen to an exam candidate is thinking that magic or miracle will happen. Learn to be on your own. Don’t depend on anybody or exam malpractice to help you.


This is very important. How sure are you that you will receive the best answer when you ask questions in the exam hall? Be careful so as to avoid writing wrong answers which can make you lose valuable marks. In this situation, you must you must learn to focus on your paper. You must not answer all the questions.


You have to make yourself comfortable at the exam hall by being at the right exam posture. Your neck should not be too bent to avoid pain.


Sometimes we may forget something that we know as a result of too much cramming or fear. To remember what you know but forgot, apply your thinking ability. For me, I close my eyes or look upwards so as to avoid distraction and then think. When you do this, within a short period of time, you will remember what you forgot. But don’t spend your whole time thinking. If you can’t recall or remember, it’s better you move to the next question.


Being confident when writing an exam is a very important exam ethic. Your confidence gives you morale and eradicates all fear.

There are two major things that will make you fail an exam

  •          If you think that you cannot succeed
  •          If you don’t study hard enough
If you cannot learn from your mistakes, you will never thrive.


I just shared with you secrets that will take you to the next level. What challenges are you facing right now in your exams? Do you want to share your exam success story so that others will be encouraged? Feel free to drop your comments below and enlighten others. If you have a question, also drop it at the comment section – the whole world will answer your question.


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