Wednesday, 21 December 2016

5 Ways to Achieve More In 2017

By Wilfred Michael (Innovative Future)

We are heading straight into the final hours of the elapsing 2016 which like every other year had its high and low points. Achieved projects, canceled appointments, successful examination, enjoyable trip and other activities have kept you occupied throughout the year and at this time of the year, it would be most probably wise to reflect on what you have achieved or failed to achieve within the year. 

Whether the year has given you a lot of positive or more of negative thoughts, we discuss in this article 5 easy and practical steps that will help you achieve your goals and dreams during the next 365 days trip – 2017.

As much as you are itching to go through this, you will derive more if you can follow through. 


   1.           Review The Past Year (2016)

What occasions made you feel happy or sad this year? Did you affect someone's life positively? Are there goals that you set and achieved in 2016? If yes (as I assume) then use them as a confidence boost heading into the New Year. The things you achieved are evidence of how efficient you can be and has been this year. They should be stepping stones towards anything worthwhile you wish to achieve in 2017.

   2.          Set Your Goals For The Coming Year (2017)

There's a saying that a person who fails to plan, plans to fail. It would, therefore, be wise to set realistic goals that you hope to achieve this coming year. It could be improving your grades, getting promoted at work, improving your relationship with others or any other achievement that would be an improvement to what you already have. Do not set unrealistic goals such as making $1M next year when your current income is $20 per month.
Write down your goals on a mobile book so you can read through it from time to time.

    3.           Strategize

For each goal you set, map out a strategy. A strategy is a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. A strategy keeps you on track to achieve your goals within the next year. 

To illustrate, an individual whose goal for the coming year is to gain promotion at work could adopt strategies such as punctuality, diligence, maintaining a good relationship with his boss and co-workers. We note that by applying these strategies, the goal of gaining promotion can be realized. 

If you had been struggling with a goal this year, it would be great if you tried new strategies during 2017.

    4.       Resolve To Follow Through

A determination is a key to success and the best form of it comes from you. Resolve to do anything humanly possible to reach your stipulated goals. You won't realize how close you were to achieving your goal if you give up at the halfway point. Also keep in mind that some goals require endurance and perseverance before they can be actualized. 

It would be a plus if you have a friend that share some or most of your goals. You could both work as a team and offer encouragement to one another when it seems things are not working out the way you wish. 


     5.           Keep Track Of Your Goals

Review your goal book from time to time and tick off any of the goals you achieve within the year. Review the strategies you used and implement them with those goals you are still working on if applicable. Take time to congratulate yourself on any of the goals you achieve as it will give you an extra boost of confidence.

Now that you know these nuggets, it would be wise for you to try them out. The benefits will be truly worth the effort.

Now Your Turn

Need any help on how to achieve your goals? Do you need a coach or mentor by your side? Or do you have a success story on how you achieved your dreams? Feel free do drop your comments.


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