Monday, 16 January 2017

These 8 things will make you poor in 2017 [Infographic]

Can everybody be rich? The answer is YES. Can everybody be poor? The answer is NO? Everybody cannot be poor, but few people just chose to be poor by doing things poor people do. So many people aspire to get ahead in their business and life in 2017. But the truth is, some people will end up remaining the same place they were in 2016.

However, in this post, am going to show you 5 things that will make you poor in 2017



       1.            Creating No Goal For 2017

I wonder how people will pick up their traveling bags, go to the airport and tell the pilot to take them anywhere. That is life without a vision. And guess what? A person who has no goal for himself cannot take control of his life. He wakes up in the morning and accepts the day as it is. He allows people to steal away his time by helping them achieve their goals instead of his.

“A life without a goal is a wasted life”

And if you keep allowing your life to go that way, much time is consumed and nothing is achieved and one day you will wake up and discover that you are 70 years old.
Being Silent on Your Goals

Those who didn’t create any goal for 2017 are equal to those who created but are silent on their goals. There’s nothing difference since they will still land at the same destination – Confusion and Poverty.

Successful people set goals for themselves and set out plans to achieve their goals. If you want to be rich or make passive income in 2017, set goals and make sure you get them done.

        2.            When You Don’t Believe In Yourself

One of the differences between the rich and the poor is the “Believe Principle”. Whatever you believe about yourself is definitely what you will become. Successful people are optimistic in every situation no matter how tough it maybe. Poor people are simply people who have never believed in themselves. If you don’t believe you can achieve more things in 2017, then you can’t make headway.

If you want to be optimistic and achieve your goals in 2017, you must learn how to use your mouth and create your world. Confess positively every moment of your life. Any time you wake up in the morning, make positive statements like:

“I believe something new is going to happen to me today”.

 “I believe I will make any amount of money I want”.

Say that often, accompanied by your hard work and you see them accomplished in your life.

        3 .          When You Become Allergic to learning

If you want to be poor in 2017, be allergic to learning. Every successful man is a good learner.

Most people hate to pay just to learn new things that will add value to their lives. And guess what? They never move forward in their business and life. They still operate in obsolete business ideas that never amount to anything.

If you want to make much money in 2017, you must be willing to buy books and eBooks, pay for seminars, webinars, and podcasts that will improve your life and business. The more knowledge you gain is the more income you will earn.

       4.            When you Follow Poor People

I have come to discover that our acceleration or retardation in life is controlled by our association. That’s a simple truth. Rich people associate Rich people with productive minds. Poor people follow poor people. And that’s why it is said that:

“Birds of the same feather flocks together”

When those people around can’t improve your life, they will simply destroy and render you useless to your generation.

If you really want to make 2017 your best year ever, you must have to delete your friends and find people that can help you grow.

       5.            When You Think Money Is Evil

When you begin to think that money is evil and shouldn’t be worked for, you will remain poor throughout the rest of your life. I know many people will argue that or even show you the bible passage. The truth is, the Bible never said money is evil but rather said “the love of money is evil” which simply means that if you love money more than your relationship with God, then you are committing evil.

         6.          When You Have No Business Or Job

No matter how hard you pray and fast to make your 2017 the best year, and you have no job or business to get out of recession, you will definitely become poor.

One of the proven strategies to escape poverty is to find something doing. Get a job or create a profitable business of your choice and start making money.

         7.         When You Spend More Money Than You Earn

Rich people will simply invest or save 90% of their income and spend the remaining 10%. But poor people are the other way round. They will simply spend 90% of their income and invest or save the rest.
When you begin to create more liabilities for yourself rather than assets, then you belong to the “rat race”.

To escape poverty in 2017, you must learn how to save and invest your money in assets rather than liabilities.

          8.         When You Refuse To Invest

When you don’t want to invest into your business or something profitable, then you decide to remain in the low echelons of life.

Rich people believe that investing is a business strategy to gain more passive income and also a lifestyle. Poor people believe that investing is risky. Well, if you cannot pass through risky moments in business then you are not a good businessman and not ready to make money.

The easiest way to make more money out of anything is investing.

To learn more about investing, get the book “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing” authored by Robert Kiyosaki.

Bottom Line

You are in charge of what will happen to your life in 2017. I have seen many people who fell back to square one just because they refuse to understand these principles. In order words, if you want to achieve more things, make more money and dominate your industry, you must be able to avoid these things in your life.



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