The word "SUCITS' is an abbreviation meaning SUCCESS INCENTIVES

SUC: Success
ITS: Incentives

Success Incentives is a motivational and inspirational organisation aimed at stirring up the desire of individuals to be successful in life. We not only motivate and inspire you, we also feed you with musics, e-books, global news, educational articles and entertainment.
We inspire you. we make you feel better and be happy in life.we run this website to help yoiu become an intellectual giant. we want to see you unleash your potential and rule the world with intellectual militancy. we want youths to unleash their potentials by becoming a freelance writer, a blogger, a motivational speaker and a teacher.

1. To build people with high intellectuality
2. To propel God's word through inspirational articles.
3. To make youths become a freelance writer, author and positive thinkers.

Anyaogu Ikechukwu is a freelance writer, a science student, a blogger and motivcational speaker. he is the director of SUCCESS INCENTIVES (www.sucits.com).

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