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9 Most Profitable Skills For Young Entrepreneurs

I talked about why you should embrace entrepreneurship as a result of the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. However, everybody is striving to establish a business of his own and be independent . As a matter of fact, I will share with you 9 most profitable skills that you can start with as a young entrepreneur. It’s profitable in the sense that it can be your passive income stream. ALSO READ : How to Build a Profitable business in Nigeria.    1. BLOGGING You can start blogging just from the comfort of your home. I know many Nigerians today who are really making real cash from this. I created mine but it took me up to 10 months to start making money.  Going to the memory lane, BLOGGING is an act of having a blog whereby the owner publishes contents online. You can open a blog today with blogger or WordPress  (it will cost you some token) and you start designing, building an audience and publish original contents. There are many ways you can make money throu
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7 Success Mindsets Successful People Have

The population of the world is almost 10 billion. Can you imagine! More than 5 billion people aspire to succeed but only a few achieve success because of the mindset or mentality they have towards success. Do you want to be successful? You want to be the best doctor, engineer, politician…? It's time you change your mindset about success. A popular quote by Colin Powell says "No one ever drowns in his sweat. A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work". What are you doing now ? Is it channelled to the success you're dreaming of? Success is not magic, its hard work. However, in this post, I talked about success mindsets successful people have and definitely what you must have to achieve a successful life. 1.   IT DEPENDS ON YOU Success is not automatic. Success cannot be inherited even if you belong to the richest man on earth. Even God himself cannot make you succeed if you don't want to

11 Ways To Build A Profitable Business In Nigeria

Previously I talked about why you should embrace entrepreneurship and become the boss of your own company. However I have come to discover that not all businesses in Nigeria are profitable. People just venture into a particular business without learning how to make that business profitable, and along the way, they crash. Building a profitable business in Nigeria is not really an easy task especially in this bad economic situation of the country. You may see article topics like           How I made 500,000 naira online in a week           How I made 1.5M exporting and importing goods in a month           How I made 200,000 naira selling books as a writer within two days. The truth is making those amounts of money are possible but it’s not going to be easy for you. Anyone who tells you its easy is deceiving or trying to extort money from you. However in this article, I will show you 11 ways you can build a profitable business in Nigeria. #1: MAKE A RESE

Massive traffic: The key to online success and passive income

Highest JAMB Score in 2016 CBT Exam – Real or Fake? - See more at: Highest JAMB Score in 2016 CBT Exam – Real or Fake? - See more at: Highest JAMB Score in 2016 CBT Exam – Real or Fake? - See more at: One of the questions newbies usually ask is ‘‘How do I start making money as a blogger or website owner".  If course I once asked the question when I started blogging. I almost decided ti quit blogging after months of

Top 3 Reasons To Embrace Entrepreneurship

Often times so many people most especially youths misunderstand the term entrepreneurship. I have carried out an interview with a few  youths asking them on their take on entrepreneurship, their feedback showed that they were not really interested.  What they are  pursuing is just to finish secondary school, go to university, do their youth service, apply for a job and then work in a big company. I have discovered that so many students and graduates are only interested in white-collar jobs.  They think that entrepreneurship is just an inferior and unattractive way of getting money. The truth is, am not against getting a white-collar job, but can we just come back to our senses and stop waiting for job opportunities. In a nutshell, entrepreneurship is setting a business of your own which may involve financial risks. ALSO READ: NIGERIAN STOCK EXCHANGE: Developing financially savvy mentality  I have discovered that so many people are only interested in getting a job instead o

5 Ways to Achieve More In 2021

We are heading straight into the final hours of the elapsing 2020 which like every other year had its high and low points. Achieved projects, cancelled appointments, successful examination , enjoyable trip and other activities have kept you occupied throughout the year and at this time of the year, it would be most probably wise to reflect on what you have achieved or failed to achieve within the year.  Whether the year has given you a lot of positive or more of negative thoughts, we discuss in this article 5 easy and practical steps that will help you achieve your goals and dreams during the next 365 days trip – 2021. As much as you are itching to go through this, you will derive more if you can follow through.  READ ALSO: 7 MINDSETS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE HAVE    1.            Review The Past Year What occasions made you feel happy or sad this year? Did you affect someone's life positively? Are there goals that you set and achieved in 2016? If yes

4 Excuses Poor People Give

Excuses have power but many people think it’s a part of life. Excuses have denied people of so many things they should have achieved. Sometimes if we fail to achieve something , we begin to blame people, or there is no money. Excuses have made people live a mediocre life, have a negative mentality and make us believe that our big dreams are impossible to achieve. It was very hard to believe that almost 30% of the population of Nigeria was poor and 60% average. This can be narrowed down to the excuses that have stopped them from moving forward. If you are reading this article and you discovered you are among the victims of excuses, then be well assured that you will end up blaming others for your failure in life. However, I scrutinized the lives of poor people and discovered many excuses that have made them remain poor or live an average life. However, in this article, I will marshal out 4 excuses poor people give. ALSO, READ: These 8 Things Will Make You Poor 1.     

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