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9 Most Profitable Skills For Young Entrepreneurs

I talked about why you should embrace entrepreneurship as a result of the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. However, everybody is striving to establish a business of his own and be independent. As a matter of fact, I will share with you 9 most profitable skills that you can start with as a young entrepreneur. It’s profitable in the sense that it can be your passive income stream.


You can start blogging just from the comfort of your home. I know many Nigerians today who are really making real cash from this. I created mine but it took me up to 10 months to start making money. 

Going to the memory lane, BLOGGING is an act of having a blog whereby the owner publishes contents online. You can open a blog today with blogger or WordPress  (it will cost you some token) and you start designing, building an audience and publish original contents.

There are many ways you can make money through blogging. The popular ones include:
  • Advertising for people/companies 
  • Using pay-per-click (Google AdSense, Infolinks etc.
  • Affiliate marketing involves convincing or referring people to buy products and earning when they purchase.
  • Selling Informational products like eBooks and webinars.

Adobe Photoshop, apple, books
 This involves selling your services. There are lots of companies that pay you to become a freelancer. If  you can 
  •      Write articles
  •      Design pictures
  •      Create websites
  •      Edit and proofread articles etc

You can sign up for these online companies and start making money.


Having music skills is a profitable skill you can have. In this aspect, you need to choose a niche - Drums, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocal etc. If you can learn how to play any of the musical instruments then you are good to go. People cherish music and can pay just to watch you play and you can really make real cash from it. If you are a perfect player, then big artists and churches will be looking for you. You can also monetize your skill with YOUTUBE. 


This requires you to have a laptop or desktop computer which has designing software like Photoshop, Coreldraw etc installed. You can really make cool money from this because there are always functions every day (Marriage, show, birthday, music concert etc). The least amount someone can pay you for just designing a function is N5000 ($25). Now think about when you get so many functions and magazines to design in a week - that's lots of income.


This involves sewing and designing clothes. This business never runs dry because millions of people wear clothes every day.


We are in an era of information. There are many things you know that others don't know. Just put them down as a book and sell. 

Don't wait until you write up to 100 pages before you can publish it. Even books with 20 pages go viral if it has quality and plagiarism-free. You can never tell the amount of money you can make from writing books. If your book has quality information that people look for and can drive them to take action, it can still be sold even in the next ten years.


How do you think pastors, teachers and motivational speakers make their money? It’s simple. They just speak. To be a powerful public speaker like Brian Tracy, you have to choose a niche you love and knowledgeable on. When you build yourself insomuch that you can inculcate knowledge, inspire and drive people into action, people will be looking for you to speak on seminars, functions, church programs and conferences. 


This has been a source of income to people like Brian Tracy and Pat Flynn. To start up this, you have to choose your niche and build your fluency because it’s all about recording your voice. What you need is

  • A microphone
  • A laptop
  • Audio editing software

Once you get these requirements, you are good to go.


This requires a camera that you can use to take pictures and make videos. You can do this by buying a camera or using your phone. Photographers make money through functions and online. Visit Expert Photography to get started.

I just listed 9 skills that can skyrocket your income. The most important thing in this era is acquiring skills. Skills are more important than degrees. They can make you financially independent. If you don't have a job, quit searching and build skills.

There are lots of profitable skills you can develop as an entrepreneur but these ones are common. Have you been making money from your skill? Comment and tell us how you make money so that others will be encouraged.


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    1. Nice one for stopping by. I will get an article ready for your blog. I will advise you, don't stop blogging.

    2. Nice one for stopping by. I will get an article ready for your blog. I will advise you, don't stop blogging.

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